Our Vision: We proclaim that Christ is King and seek to share the healing love of his kingdom with Fayetteville, AR. Christ is King: Though the universe was created by him and through him, Jesus came to earth to live amongst his creation. Living and dying as one of us, he defeated the powers of sin and death and will restore all things to God the Father. Authority has been given to him over all things for all time. The life of the Church and the Christian should be lived in acknowledgement that Jesus is the reigning King and that we are members of his kingdom. The Kingdom of God: God's Kingdom is a redeemed creation and people, rescued from the corruption and death caused by human sin. With Jesus Christ’s incarnation, death, and resurrection, the Kingdom of God broke into the earthly realm. The final culmination of his reign will be established when he returns, but until that time, the healing love of God the Father is already renewing his creation. We are recipients of his redeeming love in the present, but we are also meant to be participants: as we walk as disciples of Christ today, the power of the Holy Spirit issues through us to build the Kingdom of God in our midst.