Early in 2015, our Senior Pastor, Patrick Wildman, asked Nick Comiskey to lead the effort in planting a new congregation in NE Johnson County. Its mission would be the same: to be a people fully alive in God’s Kingdom. Throughout the spring and summer of 2016, Nick formed a team to give shape to this new community and, after talking with civic, business, and educational leaders in the area, decided that the City of Mission would be an ideal center for ministry. Specifically, Christ Church Mission would meet every Sunday, starting on September 18, 2016, at the Sylvester Powell Community Center. Picking this location was no small decision. Sylvester Powell will not only embed this community in the heart of our mission field, it also provides ample space to offer friendly and transcendent worship, extravagant hospitality, and exceptional children’s ministry by trained volunteers. Since that time, Dean Behrens has become the Lead Pastor of this thriving congregation that now meets every Sunday morning at the Mission Theatre beginning at 9:30a.