Holy Cross Anglican Church is the combined congregation of The Church of the Good Shepherd (Reedley) and Saint Mary's Anglican Church (Fresno). Our two congregations merged on July 1, 2018 when we relocated from Reedley and Fresno to Sanger, CA. We are an Anglo-Catholic parish in the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin ("DSJ") of the Anglican Church in North America ("ACNA"). Our church is committed to biblical teaching and preaching, to the truths expressed in the Apostle's, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds, to traditional and orthodox worship as contained in the Book of Common Prayer, and to upholding the historic threefold ministry of bishops, priests, and deacons ordained in Apostolic Succession. We are a part of Christ's Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, born some 2,000 years ago. More specifically, we are a part of the Anglican family of churches which had its origins in the British Isles in the first century and later carried around the world wherever English speaking people were found. Through faithful witness, carried out in our corporate life and the lives of our individual members, we strive to proclaim the Christian faith in all its fullness: That Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior who suffered, died, and rose to bring us God's gift of salvation - eternal life! Our Mission is to love God and each other, to be faithful disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to share His Gospel with others. Our Vision is to build up the kingdom of God, to make new disciples of Christ, to grow as a family of believers, to serve the needs of others, and to joyfully celebrate our Christian life together in the tradition of the Anglican Church.