Church of the Resurrection's Mission, Vision, and Core Values MISSION: Our Mission is to know Christ and to make Him known. VISION: Our vision is to be a growing, intergenerational and vibrant Christian community with an orthodox Anglican foundation. CORE VALUES: The initial values of Resurrection were first established at a “church planting bootcamp” in the summer of 2005. In September of 2009, the vestry affirmed the values and they were articulated again to the congregation. By January of 2017, the values were further clarified to reflect the DNA of Resurrection. These seven values, while re-articulated from the original five, have always been at the core of the church’s mission to “know Christ and make Him known” since its inception in 2005. ​ *The Gospel - The most important value of Resurrection is to be a church that preaches the gospel: the good news that Jesus came into the world to save sinners and to reconcile us to God. *Dynamic Worship - We value Spirit-led Anglican worship in different forms, but always with a high value on practical biblical teaching, the reading of God's Word in the Old and New Testament , great music, and authentic prayer. *Intergenerational Community - We are a place where those of all ages who come will grow in their love for Christ and one another. *Pastoral Care - ​We seek to care for those inside and outside the church that makes a difference and allows them to experience grace, healing, hope, and a full life in Christ. *Evangelism - We are committed to helping those both inside and outside the church to get clarity on who Christ is and what it means to follow Him. *Kingdom Partnership in Mission - We seek to plant new churches, partner with other organizations to proclaim the gospel, and serve the practical needs of people in our community. *Growth - Put simply, healthy things grow. When individuals are growing in Christ, the body grows up in love and service of others. Fruit of this growth are growth in faith, attendance, lay leaders, giving, mission, and churches.