Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church -- We gather together to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ proclaimed in his Word and experienced in his Sacraments as we “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” Join us as we meet Our King! ///// OUR STORY: Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church - Kennewick WA -- Founded: March 7, 2010 --------------- Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church is a true “instant church” or, maybe, an “accidental” church. -------- Rev. Dr. Mac Culver and Rev. Art Moore (in 2009) had known each other for over 35 years with both working together in their early ministry years during the 1980’s. Mac+ moved to the Tri Cities WA, where Art+ had been living for the past 20 years, after the unexpected death of his son in 2008. At that time, Mac+ took an assignment as a Christian School Administrator in order to be close to his son’s widow and his grandchildren. -------- In 2010 both decided to run an advertisement in the local newspaper to “explore” local interest in an Anglican church plant. Art+ designed the weekly ad that was titled: “Discover, Again, the Ancient Faith.” Shortly, Art’s+ phone rang in response to the ad. -------- On the phone was a Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Jim O’Connor, asking: “Who are you?”, “What do you plan to do?” “When do you plan to do it?” After a brief conversation Fr. O’Connor hung up and life went on. Within a day or two the phone rang again with Fr. Jim O’Connor on the line stating: “I have found a place for you to worship and you can begin next week! Come on over to West Highlands Methodist Church (A Confessing Methodist Church) on Thursday and you can talk to their pastor about fees.” -------- Holy panic! Are we really ready? Do we really want to do this at our age? -------- We went ahead and met with Fr. O’Connor and Rev. Ed Branham at the very attractive Methodist church facility. After good, polite Anglo-Catholic words and safe chat we asked: “How much will the monthly rent be?” Rev. Branham, after a short pause, said: “We cannot charge you more than we charge Alcoholics Anonymous which is $50 a month. Will that work?” -------- Again, more panic sets in. Again, "Are we really ready?" Again, "Do we really want to do this at our age?" -------- With a bit of unexpected fear we answered: “Yes, that will work.” -------- So, out of nowhere, God opened the windows of heaven and we had a very nice place to worship. We also had a delightful Roman Catholic priest, who had been present in Rome at Vatican II, encouraging us! God had greater plans and more accelerated plans than we had dreamed or hoped for. -------- Against all church planting rules, against all methods ever suggested to plant a church, we accepted a year lease and began services in a beautiful chapel set up perfectly, with split chancel, for Anglo-Catholic services. The first service was on the third Sunday of Lent, March 7, 2010. -------- God has added a very loyal group of parishioners and all runs quite smoothly as we have followed this unexpected path. As of 2019, we still have full use of this beautiful Methodist facility. We meet at the same time each Sunday morning sharing Sunday School, after-worship fellowship, and many other graciously extended offers as we journey “one in the bond of love” together. -------- Over the past years, Mac+ and Art+ have been called on a number of times to fill the Methodist pulpit on Sundays when the Sr. Pastor is out of town. Several times a year we find ourselves having joint services together with God’s blessings being enjoyed by all. To our “Confessing” Methodist host, we have become a living symbol of their own John Wesley Anglican roots and we have learned to be very blessed with their on-going hospitality. -------- Fr. Mac, is rector. Fr. Art also functions as Parish Administrator and is active in the Diocese of Cascadia being a member of the Bishop’s Diocesan Council and is Dean of the East Cascades Deanery. -------- Iesus, tanto nomini nullum par elogium! Jesus, for so great a name, no praise is adequate!